Wanted - Loan of Old Printer for Davenham Accounts

A rather old computer has been used to produce the Davenham Players accounts and each year I print off the reports for the Auditor to review.

Unfortunately this year, the printer would not work and I am urgently looking for a similar type printer for this one job.

The type of printer my old computer needs uses an LTP interface cable - an outdated form of connection between the computer and the printer. The cable is thickish and looks a little like a SCART cable that you might use for your TV. The plugs on the ends of the cable are about 2 inches across and have lots of pins - see photos.

If you have a printer that can use this type of connection, please contact me via our Contact Us form or by phone on 01606 45186. I only need to borrow it for a day or so.




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