Thursday 8th January – Audition for The Price to Pay

Thursday 29th January 2015 – Audition for Neighbourhood Watch

Denise Barry, who is to direct the May production at Davenham is holding an audition for Alan Ayckbourn's Neighbourhood Watch at the theatre on Thursday 29th January starting at 7:30pm. Please contact Denise if you would like to know more.

Could You Take On our Ticket Sales?

We have to admit that our ticket selling operation could be improved. At present, we have up to three methods by which the public may book tickets and problems have been experienced in recent sell-out shows. We urgently require someone to take ticket booking by the scruff of the neck and come up with a 21st century, maybe even automated, solution. The committee is open to all suggestions – we just want ticket booking to be permanently fixed! If anyone out there would consider being booking officer for the next and subsequent plays, please contact us here or phone 01606 45186 as we are desperately in need of one person to fulfil this very important job.

Thursday 26th February – Slowlight Quartet

Tickets can be booked by email or by phoning Harry on 01606 74502 or Dave on 01606 44253. Click here to see the Jazz page on the Davenham blog. 


Many congratulations to the Cast, Crew and Director of Female of the Species which was a complete sell-out for its six-night run at the theatre in November. It was clear to all that the hard work of the cast, the attention to detail of the crew and the determination of the director, Paulette Anderson,  that the production was to be just right paid off in a marvelously entertaining theatrical experience. Michaela Warrilow, the Cheshire Theatre Guild adjudicator, commented "Paulette allowed this production to be character led, an aspect within theatre that most directors are afraid to do". Paulette said "I was so pleased with the audience response and feedback. The cast deserved the praise they received and were ably supported by a great crew. I thank them and all the helpers wholeheartedly."
help Needed Now to design a Davenham Community Mosaic

Our theatre's neighbour Jan Johnson has been making progress with her amazing scheme to build and install a Community Mosaic on the end wall of the theatre yard. Jan came to the committee with a variety of interesting design proposals last week. The committee unanimously selected an option that should give people and organizations within the Davenham community the opportunity to express their part in bringing Davenham together. Jan is now preparing some detailed requirements for the design and construction of the mosaic and is ready to welcome any enthusiastic participants. If you are interested in becoming involved in any way, please contact Jan on 01606 47278.

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