Audition for Moonshine - Wednesday 5th March 7:30pm

Davenham Easter production – Moonshine by Jim Nolan 21st-24th May 2014

Award-winning director Barbara Crellin  has found another unusual and thought-provoking Irish play to present in 2014. Easter - time . A seaside town in the south of Ireland. The Protestant church is closing down and the local undertaker is determined to stage a ' version' of A Midsummer Night's Dream - how the two are related forms the story of the play - moving and funny as many Irish plays are...

There will be a read through on Wednesday 26th Feb with a first audition on Wednesday 5th March.

Cast is 4 men ages ranging from 20s to 60s
2 women in their 20s- 30s
These ages can be a little flexible......

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