Audition for Steaming by Nell Dunn

I will be directing Steaming at Davenham for performance from Wednesday 19 February to Saturday 22 April 2014. Rehearsals will begin as soon as possible after the auditions, and take place twice-weekly from 7.30pm to 10.00pm, with up to three Sunday rehearsals (afternoons or evenings). 

Auditions will be held at the Theatre at 7.30pm on Monday 2 December. If you cannot attend that evening, but want to audition, please contact me at home (‘phone 01270 626215; email park50@hotmail.com), so that we can arrange to meet at an alternative time.  

Steaming takes place in the early 1980s in an East London public steam bath left over from the Edwardian age. The personalities of its female manager and clientele are explored as the baths are threatened with closure. Nell Dunn was a cutting-edge writer on social and feminist issues in the 1960s and later. Not a great deal happens in the play, so the emphasis is on establishing truthful characterisation, and showing its development through humour (it is very funny). A London accent, and a willingness to appear on stage in bathing gowns or capacious towels, is essential.

Violet Baths manager, forties, chatty
Bill         Baths handyman, a small role, heard but not seen, so any age!
Josie Client, thirties, raucous, underworld contacts
Mrs Meadow Client, sixties, Dawn’s mum, decent, worn out
Dawn Client, thirties, friendly, innocent, has learning difficulties, 
Nancy Client, thirties, more middle-class than the others 
Jane Client, thirties, mature student, ‘bohemian’

There is some flexibility about most of these indicative ages.

Audition Pieces
Pages 9 – 14         Violet, Bill, Josie, Mrs Meadow, Dawn

Pages 43 - 45 Nancy, Josie, Jane

Pages 57 – 14 Nancy, Josie

Pages 62 - 64 Jane, Josie, Violet, Nancy, Dawn

Jerry Park

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