Monday 2nd July at 8pm, there will be an audition at the theatre for a play that Barbara Crellin plans to produce w/b 8th Oct [so we will have 2 Autumn productions which is very exciting, the other being  'Playhouse Creatures' produced by Flic at the end of Nov] 

This play is ' God of Carnage' by Yasmin Reza.  There are 4 characters 
who are 2 couples, ages 30?-50?

The 2 couples meet to discuss the attack made by one of their children
on a chid from the other couple. The event begins in a polite manner
and then it all falls apart. There is a lot of humour as wellas

Thursday 14th July 7.30pm  A wine tasting evening £7 per ticket from  
Vanessa Duffy 07884180295 or me 01606 79779

Thursday July 19th AGM 7.30 Please come and have your say.

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