Newsletter Dec 2011

Over the summer much work has gone on at the theatre to improve and maintain. Arthur has been hard at work yet again and has painted the most of the outside of the building. He has also made a ramp to aid disabled access at the side of the building. He has repaired the ceiling in one of the upstairs rooms and other members have decorated it.
Graham has updated and reorganised the lights in the auditorium including the installation of new dimmer packs and control unit.
Arthur, Paul and Andrea have refurbished the bar and it all looks very smart and functional. Paul Scott has also replaced the backstage TV monitor, which is a great asset during a play week.
Thanks go to all these people and to those members, not named, but who so readily give their time to help improve the theatre.
In July, the AGM took place. Due to work commitments, Phil Perry felt he had to stand down as chairman but thankfully is still a member and has kindly offered to still do our play posters. Thank you Phil for you time in the chair and we are glad we are not losing you totally. As a very worthy successor to Phil, Bob Almquist was elected chairman. Bob, as you know, has been a member for a long, long time and has kept the ‘Players’ together in the past during some very lean times. Bob, as treasurer, does far more than he has to, in fact Shirley, long–suffering wife, often thinks he spends more time at the theatre than at home!
3 new members were elected onto the committee, Denise Barry, Don Anderson and Ed Green. Each member of the committee now has an area of responsibility and in case you have forgotten who does what, there is a list in the foyer.
September saw the start of the new season and a new production. In July, Barbara Crellin cast ‘The Cripple of Inishmaan’ and began rehearsals in September. Unfortunately, the main character dropped out and Barbara was left with the daunting task of finding a replacement, which she did, in the form of 16 year old Will Bishop, a student at Sir John Deane’s college. Will fitted in extremely well with the rest of the cast, knew his lines in record time and portrayed the character of Billy like a veteran. As well as it being Will’s first part for ‘The Players’, it was also Ed Green’s and new member, Margaret Smith, who at 91 [yes 91!] played a 90 year old. Margaret knew her lines before anyone else and didn’t require any prompts during play week! During the week, the egg trade was certainly boosted by Beth and Jamie who, it can be said, had a smashing time!
Play week was a great success and most nights were a sell-out and people were heard to say, ‘It’s best one we’ve ever seen’. Congrats go to Barbara, her fantastic cast and stage crew. Thanks also go to people who manned the bar and front of house.

It only remains for me to wish you all a very happy Christmas and New Year.
Paulette Anderson
Hon. Sec.

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